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This wiki is about A game that me "ƬΣЯMIПIX" and my partner "ƒєαяgєσяgє"are creating. We are using a Voxel based engine that we created to give you the best Gaming Experience. Here we will explain to you the basics of the game and , Maps , Items , Trophies , Characters , And many more extras, make sure to Subscribe to this wiki to gain full acess to our Game!

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Terminus is a Free roam world where you can have some fun occasionally following some missions and using your Awesome mutant abilities but whats more fun is, Finding more of your abilities throughout this world and making a name for youself, You will become part of this game when you fall deep into the "Build your own Empire" Theme and the exitement of crafting all your weapons. Some missions on the 'DARK' Path allow you to assassinate people from other districts and Clans, in the 'LIGHT' path you will save people from dying but you also will be able to wage war on other clans, now for the details...

Location and Time: On a Planet far behind our's in a City most like Rome called "Terminus".

Character or You: you are a Clan operative Mutant who has the power to bend earth to your will and create things from those elements.

Enemy or Not You: "The Legion or TUT as they call themselves. TUT stands for: The Ultimacy Truss

Objective:To Win the War and just survive the rest of the fun...

Extras: If you think I should add anything or if you played the game add it in the 'User created' section.

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Emblem of The TUT